Woodturning, you gotta love it, atleast I do!

It started in the first year of high school. We got to choose between Shop A (wood work) or Shop B (metal work). My father being a cabinet maker I naturally leant towards wood work.

During that year of Shop A we were lucky enough to have to complete one project, a bowl, on a lathe.

I was in love. Well as in love as you can be with a machine anyway. It was like magic, the fibres shaving away with the light touch of a chisel.

But alas its been many years since those days I touched that beauty.baby bangle and ring

But a few months ago a friend was selling his & I went for it. It's been a ball of fun. I'm learning all the time and can't wait to learn the next thing. Please join me in one of the many passions in my life..



turning some burlturning a burl bowl


pine winged box or stand







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Color (colour) can influence YOU! Studies have shown that violent offenders experience calmer moods when inside a room with pink walls. There are entire degree programs devoted to the study of color and I'm not talking about a fine arts major, although it to requires an intense study of colors.

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